How to Play the Attack on Titan Op1 Theme!

Ready to learn the Attack on Titan Op1 Theme?  In this lesson, I'm going to walk you through the song step by step. Plus, at the end of the lesson you'll have a chance to play along with the song! Be sure to get your free tab below so that you can print the sheet music out:

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Here we go! This lesson contains 3 sections:

Section 1


You will master this song ALOT faster if you learn the scale pattern that is used over and over again throughout the sections of the song.  All of the notes in this song are derived from one major scale pattern! Simply learn the scale pattern and then move it up and down the guitar neck in order to access all of the notes used in this song! 

Section 2


Once you've learned the scale, it's time to jump into learning the song.  This song consist of four sections:

1) Section A​:  Intro

2) Section B: ​Verse

2) Section C: ​Pre-Chorus

2) Section D: ​Chorus

In the lesson above, I will walk you through each section step by step and give you strategies that you can use to get each section down as quickly as possible!

Section 3


Once you have the song down, it's time for the fun part: playing along with it!  Playing along with the song you are learning is the best way to master it.

Since the Attack on Titan Theme is pretty fast, I recommend slowing it down using the settings icon on the control panel of your youtube video viewer (it's the gear-looking icon located near the full-screen button on the video viewer).  

​Click Settings > Speed > 0.75

​This will slow the song down to 3/4 speed (without changing the pitch), making it a lot easier to play along with. Once you can play along with the song at 3/4 speed, try it at full speed!

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